• Lean Training Online UK
    Lean Training Online UK

    Lean Training Online

    Online Lean Training
     from Simpler is suitable for those
    new to Lean principles or with a good knowledge of Lean
    and who are looking to apply their knowledge to their business.

    Simpler provides a flexible range of Lean training courses 
    delivered directly to your PC, saving you costs and time. You can also obtain a valuable Certificate of Lean Competency which is accredited by Cardiff University's Lean Competency System.

    About Simpler     About Cardiff University's Lean Competency System

  • Lean Training Online UK
    Continuous Improvement

    Online training options

    You have the choice of a range of professional online e-learning Lean courses, or expert led learning through Lean Practitioner Certification which has been accredited and is jointly delivered by Cardiff University.

    Lean Practitioner Certification covers theory, methods, applications and tools of lean improvement and also includes a Rapid Improvement Event which means you can get real benefits for your business in just 6 weeks.

    About Simpler  About Cardiff University's Lean Competency System

  • Lean Training Online UK
    Quality Improvement

    Business Improvement from the experts

    Our Lean training is designed to suit your businesses regardless of size and type.

    Online training courses are provided by the same experts who have implemented business process improvement for some of the biggest and most efficient organisations worldwide.

    About Simpler          About Cardiff University's Lean Competency System

  • Lean Training Online UK
    Lean Thinking

    Learn how to improve your business

    Our courses will introduce you to business improvement tools that focus on enhancing value, cost, delivery, and people. It will help expose waste and makes continuous improvement possible by identifying and eliminating non-value-adding activities in design, production, supply chain and management.

    "It used to take 61 flow days for an item to be sent from supply, routed through me and sent back to supply. Now we are taking
    about 16 days."
    Mahlon Smith, Front-Line Supervisor, Warner Robins Air Force Base

  • Kaizen Training Online UK
    Kaizen Training Online UK

    Kaizen Training

    'Kaizen' is a term used to describe the process of improving
    business processes to the point of wasteless perfection. Here
    at Simpler we strive to minimise waste and maximise the
    productivity of every task, and we can train you to do the same!

    Certified by Cardiff University, our flexible Kaizen training is
    delivered online to provide learning when it is most convenient for your business.

    From just £30 our training covers the theory, methodology, practice and practical implementation of Kaizen principles in the workplace. 



Summer lean courses

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Lean Training Online  Lean Training Online: Courses to suit you and your business


e-SENSEISM Certified Lean Awareness Training   Lean Practitioner Training


The e-SenseiSM Lean Awareness Training provides a valuable Level 1a Certification from Cardiff University.  

The training course contains both self-led learning, via the online learning system, and self-led practical exercises to help understanding of some of the key concepts.  This is followed by a multiple choice assessment to verify your understanding.

The course fits within the Simpler Business System model for Lean Business Transformation.  

  clock  Course Length 4 - 5 hours

 cardiff Cardiff University Accredited

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e-SENSEISM Certified Lean Practitioner Training  Lean Practitioner Training

The e-SenseiSM Lean Practitioner Training provides a valuable Level 1c Certification from Cardiff University and a work based lean improvement using a Rapid Improvement Event (RIE).

Designed for all managers and improvement practitioners wanting to implement lean thinking through employee engagement to improve quality, reduce lead time or reduce costs.

You and your staff will learn the key skills of Lean, including A3 thinking, waste reduction, current state analysis, team leadership and much more.
live online lean training  Includes 8 Live Online Tutorials & Rapid Improvement Event

clock  Course Length 8 Weeks

cardiff Cardiff University Accredited

learn more Book a lean practitioner training course

Affordable Short Lean Courses  Affordable Short Lean Courses

A range of lean e-learning courses from £30 each

Based on the same expertise which has made Simpler the leading lean consultancy, these concise training courses allow you to select individual topics of specific interest, or select the whole programme, to obtain a good understanding of the key subjects in getting started with lean.

All Lean Courses

  • Lean Fundamentals Course

    A course focussing on the origins of lean and some of its key contributors; an introduction to lean using the Simpler Business System; principles of lean improvement; developing lean in your organization.

    greenFundamental Principles of Lean                clock  Tutorial Length 1h 30mins



  • Seeing and Mapping Waste

    Seeing & removing process waste is key to lean based process improvement and  learning to ‘see' waste and understanding the technique to identify it in often complex processes requires certain skills. 

    bronze Lean for Continuous Improvement                clock  Tutorial Length 45mins


  • A3 Thinking

    A3 thinking is a tool developed by Toyota and is as a structured and methodical way for problem solving. As well as problem solving A3 thinking can be used for many things. It's a tool for knowledge transfer, communication, consensus building and through a team based approach transforms culture across an organization.

    green Lean for Continuous Improvement                clock  Tutorial Length 45mins

  • 5S Training

    5S is one part of the lean cell, it is a systematic way of creating a safe, clean and orderly workplace and keeping it that way. This module provides an overview of 6S and then provides you with the relevant downloads in order for you to perform a 6S audit. This will give you the method to implement 6S in your own workplace..

    silver Lean Improvement Toolkit                clock  Tutorial Length 45mins

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Lean & e-SENSEISM  Explained   Lean & e-SENSEI Explained


Simpler and Cardiff                 Simpler Lean Training Benefits University's Partnership  

Simpler have worked with Cardiff University as their development partner in  the  accreditation  of            e-SenseiSM Lean Practitioner.

Simpler are Cardiff University's exclusive delivery partner for this programme and by successfully completing the training students will attain LCS level 1c.

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