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Simpler® is Europe's leading specialist in lean process improvements for all types of organisations.  At Simpler, we have developed a powerful, simple, systematic approach to Lean Transformation. It is a path as much as a process, called the Simpler Business System®, and to guide organizations along the SBS path to Lean, we have created a team of sensei (SEN-say). Visit Simpler.com for more information. impler Continuum

Lean Practitioner and Simpler’s Transformation ContinuumSM

Facilitating the Lean
Transformation of Businesses
Simpler’s roadmap for continuous improvement is our Transformation Continuum. For an organization to truly achieve a culture of Lean can take decades and involves many evolutionary stages. Our continuum helps to explain the dimensions of change and stages of transformation to develop a forever improving organization.Lean Practitioner helps you to start the vital first stage of this journey!

Who We Work With

Whenever excellence and high efficiency is required in an organisation, large or small, you will usually find Simpler.  We have been responsible for improving speed and effectiveness whilst reducing running costs in public and private sector organisations around the world.  The expertise which we bring to huge organisations is now being applied amongst UK small and medium business.

Simpler® has delivered Lean Transformation results to a wide range of industries and organizations across a number of sectors.

Healthcare Sector. From major teaching hospitals to small medical groups, we've made a difference in how healthcare is delivered. We've helped them improve the quality of patient care, reduce costs and time and boost staff morale. Simpler Healthcare also works with healthcare provider networks and pharmaceutical and medical products companies. In fact, we're the world leader in providing lean transformation in the healthcare sector.

Public Sector. Increasingly, government agencies are looking for the same kinds of efficiencies and cost savings that businesses have sought for decades. And Simpler is helping them get there. In the area of defense, we currently work in all branches of the United States military and in the United Kingdom's Royal Navy and Royal Air Force. Our aviation experience has translated seamlessly into serving commercial aviation too. We also work with the aerospace industry and with major utilities.

Commercial Sector. Typically, Lean Transformation is seen as benefitting manufacturing in the commercial sector. And Simpler has had its share of successes for manufacturing clients, including the automotive industry. And our military aviation experience has translated seamlessly into serving commercial aviation too. But we've also brought Lean to consumer packaged goods companies, financial services, private equity firms and retail clients.

Healthcare Sector:

  • Healthcare
  • Pharma
  • Medical Products


Public Sector:

  • Government
  • Military
  • NGO
  • Aerospace

Commercial Sector:

  • Financial Services
  • Private Equity
  • Retail
  • Industrial/Manufacturing
  • Automative/Assembly
  • Consumer Package Goods
  • Electric Power/Natural Gas


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