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e-SENSEISM Certified Level 1 Lean Practitioner Training

Lean Practitioner Training, certified by Cardiff University's Lean Competency System, is designed for all business types and sizes. No experience is necessary, just a desire to improve your business. You will deliver a lean transformation Rapid Improvement Event during the course.

Advance your own and your staff's leadership and process improvement skills with this ‘hands on' training programme whist delivering bottom line results and a real return on your investment.

Lean Practitioner

The course fits within the Simpler Business System model for Lean Business Transformation.

Lean Practitioner Training is certified by Cardiff University, and lean specialists from the University will be supporting Simpler and presenting sections during the course.

Lean Practitioner Pricing

Lean practitioner is delivered online and so there are no costs of travel or hotel expenses.  We have also endeavoured to provide exceptional value for those companies looking to train their teams.

Course Fees: We are now only going to run to a max of 4 students/cohort with the following new course fees (there is a slight increase)

1 student at £1,950 = £1,950 +VAT

2 students at £1,950 = £ 3,900 +VAT

3 students at £1,825 = £5,475 + VAT

4 students at £1,825 = £7,300 +VAT

Benefits of Lean Practitioner Training:-

Personal training and real business benefits

The Lean Practitioner course will cover:

  • The fundamentals of Lean Processes
  • Effective team management in a Lean environment
  • A3 thinking (simple problem solving and improvement methodology)
  • The Rapid Improvement Event (RIE) cycle
  • How to see, map and remove waste
  • Problem solving and corrective action

Personal Training Outcomes

The course materials are based on the Simpler Business System and are acLean Practitioner Certificatecredited by Cardiff University's Lean Competency System . You will receive a personal Lean Competency System certificate at level 1c and a valuable initial education on Lean Process Transformation.

Real Business Benefits

During the course through, the delivery of a hands-on improvement project, you will be able to implement real improvements into your business. Our experience is that the benefits gained from these events will more than cover the cost of your training.

Lean Practitioner Training Course Structure

The course is delivered online and is delivered over 8 weeks. The training consists of recorded e-learning modules and 8 live webinar tutorials delivered by lean experts from Simpler and Cardiff University.

The first 4 weeks is didactic and will cover the theory and principles of lean transformation for business, including A3 thinking, problem solving, waste management and lean processes and tools.

The second 4 weeks is praxis and will involve our tutors guiding you in the preparation, running and sustaining of a real Lean Improvement event in your own business workplace.Lean Practitioner Course Booking Form

Live Online Tutorials

The live sessions are based on tutorials and are limited to just 6-8 people to encourage real interaction and enable detailed discussions. During these sessions you will be able to ask questions to your tutor and interact with the other participants.

What you will receive with this course

  • Access to 8 e-Learning short courses designed to support the live training programme.
    An electronic PDF copy of all the training material for you to print and keep in a neat booklet format.
  • An 80 page student workbook for you to keep that provides everything you need to know about the course. This workbook guides you through the 8 week programme providing detailed information about each week and reflective learning exercises to build on the live training.
  • A copy of George Koenigsaecker's Leading the Lean Transformation Book (
  • A copy of Chris Cooper's Little Book Of Lean (
  • Copies of Simpler and Cardiff University articles, case studies and videos.
  • The back catalogue of Simpler Lean Insights.
  • All the forms, templates and recipe cards required in order for you to complete the course and work based improvement event.

8 weeks to real lean knowledge and genuine business improvements

A blend of theory, tutorials and practical implementation

The Module content is split between theory, practical application, feedback, and improvement. The key practical sessions are called Rapid Improvement Events (RIE's) during which you will implement your learning in your business using real projects. You will then receive feedback and guidance from your e-Sensei.

During your theory sessions you will investigate Lean tools and approaches including A3 thinking, Pareto analysis, Current State analysis, Lean team leadership and much more.
Lean Practioner Training online is split into 8 key weekly modules.

For more information please download our Lean Practitioner Brochure.

Lean Practitioner Training Modules

 Lean Practitioner Certification

·         Course fees – we are now only going to run to a max of 4 students/cohort with the following new course fees (there is a slight increase)

-          1 student at £1,950 = £1,950 +VAT

-          2 students at £1,950 = £ 3,900 +VAT

-          3 students at £1,825 = £5,475 + VAT

-          4 students at £1,825 = £7,300 +VAT.

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