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Why SME's are turning to Lean

Small and medium sized businesses are turning to Lean to help improve business efficiency in a tough economic climate.



Leading the Lean Enterprise Transformation
George Koenigsaecker

Written to help executives in determining right from wrong during a Lean Initiative, Leading the Lean Enterprise Transformation shows that Lean is more about an approach than it is about tools. It presents the successful strategies and case histories of several key American leaders who have been instrumental in bringing Lean to the forefront of various industries.  The second edition of Koenigsaecker's book contains Lean transformation stories from organizations across the globe!

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The Little Book of Lean
Chris Cooper

Author Chris Cooper compiles the lessons he learned over a twenty year journey in Lean. From military to charity and from for-profit or non-profit, Chris discovered that the basics of Lean principles apply in every workplace while transforming those involved by what can be achieved. The aims of this book are simple. Chris distills his knowledge to its simple basic essence so that current and future generations of leaders can learn and apply it. Through stories and discussion questions, Chris sets the reader on a path of action that shows a way of looking at the world of human work. And, once the reader can "see" through the Lean lens, it is truly a beautiful sight because of the infinite potential. The Little Book of Lean should be an inspiration for readers to begin to forever improve!

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Winning By Design 
Rob Westrick & Chris Cooper

Winning by Design is a practical book for both the people concerned with the real world of change and its results and for the people expected to execute this change. The first part of the book was written for the leaders - those who wish to create a vision and initiate the changes. The second is aimed at the people who are tasked with implementing and driving the change to a better new product development process and environment, providing a very practical guide for project teams working on new products and services. Rob Westrick and Chris Cooper believe, and hope that this book will initiate a new approach to product development and the way it is managed. 

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Simpler Healthcare
Marc S. Hafer

Learn how six very different hospitals applied Lean concepts to transform their operations, achieving dramatic results by improving patient outcomes, reducing costs, reducing wait times, and increasing patient and staff satisfaction. This book features the Lean transformations of: • Alder Hey Children's NHS Foundation Trust • Royal Bolton Hospital • Denver Health • St. Joseph Health System • Tan Tock Seng Hospital • New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation

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