The Benefits of Lean Training

"With Simpler's support the hospital was able to build BICS (the Bolton Improving Care System) which has brought about reduced mortality and improved patient experience, high levels of productivity and greater staff satisfaction." David Fillingham, CEO, AQuA (Advancing Quality Alliance)

Simpler's Business Improvement training is delivered online by our e-SENSEISM who will wLean training courses onlineork with you to provide Lean training and exercises to highlight how to improve and grow your business and make you more efficient increasing your profitability. 

Lean Continuous Improvement Processes

Simpler's Lean training is designed to actually deliver business results during the course and develop your capability for ongoing continuous improvement activities. Through the Rapid Improvement Events (RIE's) you will implement real process improvements into your business during the course of the training.

If you go beyond the theory and implement the changes using the mechanism taught our experience is that the benefits gained from these improvements will more than cover the cost of your training and deliver a real financial return on investment.

What do people say about Simpler Lean Training? See our testimonials

Lean Training Videos

There are several areas that can benefits from this improvement focus including...


Lead time
Space utilisation
Material usage
Setup times


Operating costs
Throughput volume
Waiting times
Environment, Health & Safety


Inventory holding
Staff over burden
Capital spend
Customer satisfaction

Typical examples of sustained application of this improvement method include...

Manufacturing Example

Annual productivity up 14%, annual savings of €490,000, additional sales of €740,000

Public Sector Example

In first 12 months £2.7M saved, further £6M identified. Return On Investment of 15:1

Healthcare Example

50% reduction in cost per stay, 40% reduction in length of stay, 300% improvement in throughput

Personal Skills Development and Certification

Lean training from Simpler will develop your own process improvement skills to the point that you can actually lead focussed lean improvement projects in your own organization.  During the course you will attain a powerful understanding of Lean management techniques. These have been proven in large and small organisations around the world in the form Lean manufacturing, Lean production, Lean healthcare, Lean service, Lean repair, Lean construction, etc.

The course is based on accredited material to help you attain the Simpler Lean Certification.

Unique Online Tutorials

e-SENSEISM Lean training is unique because it is delivered to you at your own PC in your own workplace, but you still have the benefit of a live Sensei as your tutor online as well as interacting with other learners in your learning network. This provides excellent coaching and guidance with no travelling or additional expenses and overnight stays.

The following is a testimonial of a client that incorporated Simpler's Lean training techniques:

"Simpler's training of the Lean process and tools has provided a major step change in the employees' understanding and capability in achieving dramatic results."
Novelis/Oswego Works

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